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Address Management

Our top-line address management program is Address+. It has both rapid addressing and postcode finding capabilities.

Address+ gives you full rapid addressing capabilities - right down to the house and flat number and for commercial premises, the business name.

This package gives the highest speed and is especially valuable in Business-to-Business situations. In addition, the requirement that a quoted premise number tally with the postcode gives additional security.

Address+ also allows you to find a postcode from the parts of the address you know. Typically, you'll know the house number, street and town and want the postcode.

You can put in any combination of parameters you like, and will get a list of postcodes that fit the data.

You can also find businesses. Put in "post office" as the organisation for the town of  "Saffron Walden" and get the result below.
Example of postcode finding result

Search results - click to view

 A demonstration showing all the features of Address+ is available here


1 £311 £250
5 £1477 £1180
10 £2736 £2189
20 £5284 £4224
300 £13,249 £10,807
Unlimited* £38,954 £38,954


*An Unlimited Licence allows use by any number of the end-user's employees.

Prices do not include VAT or delivery.

Prices include support for the licence year. Updates can be downloaded from our website quarterly.

Annual renewal is required under Royal Mail licensing conditions. Click here for full licensing details.