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Rapid addressing; postcode identification and more

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Build mailing lists for bulk mailing for free

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Get a visitor's address and position from their postcode

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Find the local branches of a business

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Pinpoint the map position of postcode


Postal codes and addresses for the Republic of Ireland


Desktop app. enhancement

1 October 2016

Our desktop utilities Address (giving road-level results) and Address+ (premise level) have been in use for many years and are widely popular for being able to give fast results in address management use.

After so long, it was time that they be brought into the twenty-first century and they have been entirely rewritten making use of the latest .NET technologies and incorporating many improvements.

Below you can see the app. in action the user having looked up the street address for a postcode and being about to select a premise within that postcode.

Try out the new version for yourself!  Download the demonstration version (restricted to postcodes starting with CB1-CB3 but incorporating all the facilities of the full version) here

The Postal Museum

6 January 2017

Arc en Ciel is proud to be a Corporate Sponsor of the Postal Museum.

The museum will open this year and feature fascinating exhibits covering the five centuries of the British postal system.  A highlight will be a ride on the miniature underground railway, the "Mail Rail" which carried post across London.





64-bit Support

17 February 2016

Although virtually all computers now sold are 64-bit, and most use 64-bit operating systems, the majority of software applications available are 32-bit.

The reason for this is that 64-bit applications run no faster than 32-bit: the advantage comes from the fact that 64-bit programs can access far more memory. On the other hand, relatively few tasks require huge amounts of memory and in addition a 64-bit app will not run under a 32-bit O/S, whereas there is no problem with the reverse situation.

However, Arc en Ciel has always made integrator support one of its main strengths and therefore we have developed a 64-bit version of our Windows API.  This comprises a .NET ClassLibrary; a classic DLL and an ActiveX component. If you are a developer and need more information about the above, please contact us.

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Latest data issues

3 April 2017

Addressing data:

We are currently shipping the Royal Mail data for Quarter 2, 2017.
The Ordnance Survey data shipped with most of our products is for February 2017. 
If you are an existing user, you can visit www.addressgeo.co.uk and input your licence key to download the latest version of the software and data.