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Price increases

01 October 2021

The Royal Mail increased its fees for the use of its data in 2021, and we shall be passing on this increase from the New Year. The old and revised prices for our most popular products are given below.

Product Old price New price
Address renewal £119 £123
Address (5-user) renewal £559 £575
Address+ renewal £221
Address+ (5-user) renewal £1042
Road-level webservice (10K credits)
Premise-level webservice (10K credits)

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AddressList version 10

17 September 2020

We have pleasure in announcing the release of a major new improvement to our popular AddressList program.
AddressList allows the extraction of addresses within a user-defined boundary - a polygon or circle. A limitation has been that for cost reasons map references were stored at the postcode level, not the premise level. This could mean that if the centre of a postcode were just outside the boundary some addresses would be omitted.
However, the Ordnance Survey have recently issued an affordable dataset giving premise-level map references.  Arc en Ciel has incorporated this data so enabling more accurate extractions.
As an example, see the small polygon below that includes the south side of the road where our offices are situated.

The results of the extraction are shown below.
Note how only premises in that part of the street and an adjoining street are included.

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06 January 2021

With effect from Quarter 1 of this year we are adding What3Words location support to most of our products.
What3Words is a system whereby the earth is divided into 3m x 3m squares, each of which is referenced by a random triplet of words. The illustration below shows how our Address+ product identifies an address in Cambridge by Ordnance Survey grid reference, a longitude/latitude pair and a what3words triplet.

Some believe that what3words or a similar system will replace conventional postal codes in many situations.  In fact the country of Ivory Coast has adopted the system for its own postal service. Click here for details.

Latest data issues

1 October 2021

Addressing data:

We are currently shipping the Royal Mail data for Quarter 4, 2021. 
In this issue, the Ordnance Survey data shipped with most of our products is for August 2021. 
If you are an existing user, you can visit www.arcenciel.com/updates and input your licence key to download the latest version of the software and data.