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Not all location can be done on a postcode basis. If a user wants to purchase a property in a certain area; find a job; buy a car; choose an hotel; etc. then it is the place name that will be quoted.
For this reason we provide a pair of extremely comprehensive gazetteers covering every place name and street name in the UK.
Both of these gazetteers are provided as web services and can easily be incorporated into any website.Place name gazetteer
The place name gazetteer covers over 60,000 towns, villages and districts as well as airports, railway, Underground and DLR stations. Also included are urban areas such as Wimbledon in London or the Old Town in Edinburgh. These are not used in Royal Mail addressing in the interests of conciseness, but are in wide common use.
Choosing a place name as above gives its map reference and an estimate of its population.
The street list gazetteer covers almost 900,000 streets. Normally, a user will want to restrict selection to a certain area so it includes the facility whereby only streets within a certain radius of a given centre are returned.
The street gazetteer is invaluable for taxi services; firms that offer local deliveries; catchment area applications and so on. See our Technical Factsheet for full details.



Costs are £100 + VAT for 100,000 data retrievals. This typically represents 25,000 final selections.


Credits expire after one year
Prices include support for the licence year.
Prices do not include VAT.